The only part of this video that is relevant to you as a School Administrator is the part about Group management which starts at 1min 54secs into the video below.

Google manages your usernames and passwords so you will never modify these details from within Blippit.

Best viewed full screen - includes voice-over

Administrator Click Path 

User Control Panel -> Manage Users –> Click Once DIRECTLY on to the password of the student you want to update –> Type in the new password then click your pointer outside of the field to make the change take immediate effect

Student User Click Path 

Students: Forgotten your password?

If your teacher has created your Blippit Account with your own school email address in it you can click 'forgot my password' and a fresh password will be sent to you straight away.  If you are using your Google Apps log in then speak to your teacher about a password reset in Google not Blippit. 

Tip for Students

If you don't have your own email address then ask your teacher and they will reset the password for you.