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The Administrator can see any student app in progress at any time before submission.

  • Once the app has been submitted the Administrator can then start a text chat conversation with a student when they either approve or decline the app.
  • The user will received a notification in their comms panel either way and is able to reply directly to the administrator for guidance if needed.
  • The chat history is kept and can be used for evidence of achievement if required.

Click Path to the User Panel

Left panel -> Switch Control Panel -> User Control

How to see where/what students are up to

Each tab has contains apps in different states of readiness

  1. how many apps are published
  2. how many apps are being worked on in development
  3. how many apps are directly waiting to be published pending your approval
  4. how many apps have been suspended

Approving an App for Publishing

Preview the app and click through it to make sure that it meets the project requirements.

  1. If happy to accept and publish the App click the Tick icon
  2. Click OK with no extra message or add an extra message then click OK
  3. Student gets a message in their inbox telling them the app is live

Declining an App 

IF AFTER you preview the app it doesn't meet the project requirements or perhaps you're giving feedback of an ongoing nature

  1. Click the X icon
  2. Add your feedback then click OK
  3. Student gets a message in their inbox and they can carry on with editing their app based on your feedback
  4. Student can re-submit the app any time.
  5. The Teacher will get a popup message when they log in to say that an app is ready to be reviewed.