Sometimes a school may have to look at how the proxy is set up and adjust some settings as below.

Step 1

  • Check that port 443 is open on the proxy. This is required to access secure websites. If it isn't open then Blippit can't work.

Step 2

Next, if port 443 is open on the Proxy and login still does not respond (reload after each step) then:

  • Bypass the proxy for these addresses
  • Now reload Blippit and try to log in again.
  • Successful? Great.
  • Not successful? Go to Step 3.

Step 3

If the login still does not work then:

  • Test that the Proxy can handle secure websocket connections on TCP port 443 using the tester at
  • Make a note of the Result ID link on the resulting page and email the link with your issue to
  • We will create a ticket and follow-up with you directly

Step 4

Additionally, double check that secure websocket traffic is allowed on your firewall on TCP port 443