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What does it mean to use my Google Apps account to log in to Blippit?


After following the one-time Set Up Process, logging in to Blippit by pressing the 'Sign in with Google' button means that your children/teachers need never remember a username or password again for Blippit.  Changes made to your password via Google Apps for Education don't affect how you log in to Blippit.

Requirements for signing in with Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

  1. Your school must have a Free or Upgraded Blippit account already registered.

  2. Keep the original 'Welcome' email, that you received from us, safe as it contains the master Blippit Administrator (Admin) account log in details. You may need these later.

Part One
One-Time Process for getting the Google Apps for Education Log In activated for your school

This is done by the Blippit Admin who will be a teacher or school technical support person.

  1. Email Blippit Support ( ) from your school GAFE email address to tell us your school's Google Domain - the bit after @ in your GAFE email address

  2. We then activate and confirm your school Google integration typically well within 48 hours of receiving your email.

Part Two

*Special Note

If your school Blippit account


  • was originally registered using your Google Email as contact
  • has no apps in it
....then you need only follow step 6 in Part Two (below).

Do keep your original account username and password saved and to-hand.


Follow these steps on receipt of our confirmation email

  1. Click the 'Log in with Google' button & enter your Google account details to proceed to log in.   Google uses popups for authentication, so make sure your browser isn't blocking them if you are experiencing problems (Help)

  2. You are now logged in as a regular student Blippit User account.
    We next need to make you into a Blippit Administrator for your Google account so... Log out!

  3. Now Log back in with your master Blippit Admin Account details.
    These are essentially the Blippit Admin Account details you have been using up until this point.

  4. In Blippit's User Admin, find your own (or the accounts of teachers) new Google Apps Blippit User Account listed in the Users area.  Click to select it and convert it into an Admin User following the click path below.

    Switch Control Panel -> User Admin -> Manage Users (tab) ->
    Scroll Right to see the Admin Column & tick this option next to your new Google account -> Confirm

  5. For the last time, log out and back in again but this time use your new Google account.
    You will be able to see User Management now because you have successfully made your own Google linked account into a Blippit Admin account.

  6. Children can now log in to Blippit simply by clicking the Sign in with Google button - there are no extra steps for them. Teachers can log in to Blippit in the same way as the children but you will need to manually convert them into Blippit Administrators (repeat step 4 for each teacher)

Where are my school's Google Integrated Blippit users listed now?


Users accounts are created on-the-fly at the moment a person clicks the Sign in with Google button (see above).  They are then listed in the User Admin area of Blippit.


Here's how you can eventually see them after they have signed in with Google

  1. Follow this click path

    Switch Control Panel -> User Admin -> Manage Users (tab)

  2. See your users listed.  At first this will be just your own account(s) until children/teachers log in at which point the list will grow.

  3. Add Group information if you want to (e.g. year group) in the Groups column by each user

Part Three
Common issues using the Google Log In Button

  1. Under normal use, simply click the button and pick your school Google account to log in automatically.
  2. If you get knocked back it is likely that school has not triggered it's integration by with Blippit.
  3. If your school has teachers on one Google Domain and students on another then you will need to send us the student domain only and create teachers an account on the student domain.  The integration won't work if a teacher only has an aliased Google account - it must be a full one on the same domain as the students.
  4. It is not unusual for people to have more than one Google address so make sure you pick the correct one.

Using a shared or public computer?

  • untick the option to stay signed in to Google if you are given this option

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