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What does it mean to use my Office 365 account to log in to Blippit?

After following the Set Up Process below, students log in to Blippit via the 'Sign in with Office' button & need never have to remember an additional username or password again for Blippit.

Requirements for signing in with Office 365 Log In Authentication

  1. Your school must already have a Free or Upgraded Blippit account already registered.
  2. Keep the original 'Welcome' email safe as it contains the master Blippit Administrator (Admin) account log in details. You will need these details in the future if school ever opts to not authenticate with O365 anymore.  Contact if you are ever in this scenario.


Part One
Onetime Process for getting Office 365 Log In activated for your school

This is done by the school master Blippit Admin who will be a teacher or school technical support person.

  1. Use your master Blippit Admin account details to log in to Blippit directly.
    These details are found in the first ever email you received from Blippit.
    Don't try to connect with Office 365 at this stage as it won't work yet!

  2. Click Switch Control Panel button (left panel) -> User Control ->
    Subscription Info button (left panel) -> See 'Click to Discover' link & click it (main panel)->
    If requested, Log in to 365 -> See that the 'Click to Discover' link in Blippit has updated to show a long Provider Identifier value

  3. Copy and paste the Provider Identifier value into an email and send this to from a school email address.  If you get an error, you can get the value from Microsoft Azure and just send it to us via email.

  4. The value will look a bit like this: c95egca2-t1gg-1f00-a9fc-0dbd125231h0

  • Office 365 Administrator Tip
    Make sure your Office 365 Setup has the option for turning Integrated Apps SET to 'ON'. See Microsoft Article.


Now Log out & sit back :)
We will email you to confirm that the change has been implemented. (Normally well within 48 hours)



Part Two

Follow these steps carefully on receipt of our confirmation email
  1. Log in to Blippit by clicking the Sign in with Office button and entering your Office log in

  2. You are logged in as a regular student Blippit User account.
    Tell us by email that you have created your account after logging in via O365.

  3. We will make you into a Blippit Administrator for your Office 365 account and confirm with you via email when this is done.

  4. Now Log back in to Blippit via the Office 365 button.  You can now ask staff and students to log in.

  5. Your job now is to identify the teacher accounts in your user listing in Blippit and add a tick to them so they become Admins too.  Leave students unticked.

Where are my school users listed now?

Users who have successfully clicked the Office 365 Log in button shown on Blippit's log in page (above) are then populated in the User Admin area of Blippit.

Here's how you can see them.

  1. Follow this click path

    Switch Control Panel -> User Admin -> Manage Users (tab)

  2. See your users listed.  Initially this will be just your own account(s) until children/teachers log in

  3. Add Group information if you want to (e.g. year group) in the Groups column by each user