See how to download your app & understand why you would want to

The idea is that you can backup your apps locally, share them with a friend, save snapshots for assessment or collaborative purposes (ie give them to another member of your team) or add them to your website or email them as required.

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Downloading apps in development to save until next year 

To download apps made students or teachers that are still only in development just follow these steps

  1. Log in as Admin
  2. Select ‘User Control’ from the ‘Switch Control Panel’ menu
  3. Select ‘App Admin’ -> Select ‘Development’ tab
  4. Select the green download button to save any app in the list onto your computer

Uploading Apps as a Student
Students can upload an app they have been given like this
  1. Go to App Maker -> Click +New -> Click 'Upload Project'

Uploading Apps as an Admin
Admins have a fast way to upload apps.
  1. Go to User Control -> App Admin -> Select Shareable tab
  2. Click upload project -> Locate your '.blip' file & upload it
  3. Assign it to users