For students and teachers exploring how to code using HTML, Blippit's Writer Widget is where you will work.

You can create and edit your code different ways.

For example, the table below was made using the Table button.

The code created by the Table button (2 columns x 5 rows) can be seen by pressing the Source button.  Code can be edited in Source view.

Code is colour-coded to help you find your way around it more easily.

For example, below you can see that tags are highlighted in purple & the text is shown in white that people actually read on your app.

Features of the Source Code Editor

When coding it will help you to keep your code organised and less overwhelming if you use these two features of the Source editor.


At the start of any line where there is code, you will see a small blue arrow/triangle head pointing down.

Click this to collapse your code and make your view less 'busy'.