There are two parts to Blippit Boards.

  1. The app - used to create and edit board
    • as of 09/23 a web version of the Blippit Boards app is also available (Google Chrome only)
  2. The dashboard - used to explore subjects in more depth

Getting started

  1. Register your school. You'll get an email straight away with important next steps to get you quickly underway. If you don't get the welcome email please check your Junk email folder.
    • if no email is received then contact so that we can rule out email address misspellings and help you to know if the email has been quarantined

  2. Read the 'welcome email' and follow the links to the 'Getting started' and 'Welcome' pages where you'll be guided through how to create your first Board.

  3. Download the free Blippit Boards app for Apple or Android or log in via a web browser (via Google Chrome) at to use your laptop instead.

  4. Log in to the Dashboard once you have created a couple of Boards to see the charts and other wider information.

Tagging Boards in the app is important & easy

Always tag your boards - it takes seconds and helps everyone to make sense of the school's BIG picture either when logged in to the DashBoard or when filtering through Boards in the app itself.