1. Register your school with us. You'll get an email straight away with important next steps to get you quickly underway. If you don't get the welcome email please check your Junk email folder.
    • if no email is received then contact boards@blippit.co.uk so that we can check the email address given on registration for any misspellings

  2. Next, download the free Blippit Boards app from the Apple or Android app stores and log in!
  3. Find a fabulous work sample, display, floor book, working wall or similar in school & take some great photos of it if you've not done so already.

  4. In the app, tap the + circular button to create your first Blippit Board in the app.

  5. Add a title to reflect your board.
    Add a brief description & add up to 30 secs of audio if you like,

  6. Critically, ADD TAGS so that your board can be part of the charts in the Dashboard (accessible by tablet device or larger at https://boards.blippit.app) It takes seconds to do. At a minimum, tag by key stage, year group, subject, framework or even more to really add value for everyone.

  7. Tap the tick icon to save your new board.  A notification will go out to your colleagues' devices if they have the app installed to let them know a new board has been created.

  8. Now that you've captured at least one piece of evidence you'll see it immediately any others from colleagues in the app. These apps will also appear immediately and be automatically graphed and filterable in the Blippit Boards DashBoard

Tagging of Boards is simple and quick

Always tag your boards - it takes seconds and really helps everyone make sense of the school BIG picture when they're logged in to the DashBoard or when they're filtering through Boards on the app.