When you first use the app & click the + circle icon to start the process of capturing subject evidence for a board, you will see the light jade coloured information box below.  Tap OK once you've read & understood it. You won't see it again unless you upgrade the app to a newer version.

Taking a photo

Currently, photos are added one at a time but this will be upgraded in 2022 to allow multi uploads.  The benefit of one photo at a time is that makes photo choices much more discerning and ultimately more informative. When the Report Builder feature is added in Summer 2022, having useful photos will be a huge benefit to your reports when they are produced as PDFs.  

We recommend you avoid adding multiple photos with minor variations of the same evidence with different children. Your audience is other subject leaders, SLT, governors and inspection teams.

To add a photo like the one below you need to give permission for the app to use your camera. Once done you won't be asked again unless you download an upgraded version of the app. 

  1. Tap on the picture+ icon to choose the camera or your gallery as the source of the photo.  You can retake with the camera, then crop, rotate and pinch zoom. Tap Save to add the photo into your board.

  2. Swipe right and tap the picture+ icon to add another photo. Tap the trash can to delete a photo if needed.