Add up to 30 secs of audio to narrate and give context to the evidence captured.  This might not be your voice as a teacher, it could be a student.

Video: How to add audio to a Blippit Board collection

How to add audio to a Blippit Board collection in 3 steps

  1. To begin, tap the Add Audio icon in the bottom toolbar when creating a new board.
  1. Tap OK when the app requests permission to your mic. The app won't ask again unless you upgrade/uninstall/re-install the app

  2. Tap the Rec button. You will see it changes to a Stop button and the green bar under the button will start to indicate approximately how much time is left of the 30 seconds.

  3. While the app is recording you can tap Stop any time. Tap Play to hear what you have recorded.  If you're happy with it, tap Save and a green bar under the Save button will indicate saving progress. Press the 'trash can' icon to delete your recording and re-record by repeating the process. You can delete the recording at any time.