Add up to 30 secs of audio to narrate and give context to the evidence captured.  This might not be your voice as a teacher, it could be a student.

Add audio to your Blippit Board

  1. In a Board you are creating or editing, using the app or web version of the app (Google Chrome only), tap 'Add Audio'.

    (Tap OK when the app requests permission to use your mic. It won't ask again unless you upgrade/uninstall/re-install the app.)

  2. See the audio controls. Tap the circular button to begin a recording. See it flashing to know that the app is activated. Tap the square 'stop' button to stop the recording. Play back a recording to check you're happy with it. Pressing record again will record over what was there before. Tap 'Save' to add to the board. Return to the board to record anew at any time.