This area is for Admins to use to invite colleagues from their school to become users as part of their school registration.


Invitation links sent out by email are only 'live' for about 60 mins.  After this time, if you have sent out an invite to a teacher when clicking the link will show them that the link has expired.  Anyone with an expired link can just go to the DashBoard log-in or App and click or tap 'Forgotten Password'

As an Admin, you can invite everyone else in our school by adding their name and email address to the table list as shown below. This can be done one at a time or up to 5 at a time by clicking Add Another User to increase the rows in the Create Users list.

  • Click 'Add Another User' after each row is added and finish by pressing 'Create Users'.
  • Click the red 'X' until you get a green 'tick' if you want to make certain people into Admins too.
  • An email invitation will go out to each person to invite them to join the school's account.

The Admin doesn't need to do anything else in this area except basic housekeeping, like deleting user accounts if people leave school or removing/adding their Admin privileges.  We suggest all teachers at least should have Admin access.

Read more about why Teachers should ideally also be Admins