Admins (teachers) can edit another teacher's board if needed in support of their monitoring role via the app, not the dashboard. e.g. fix typos or add/amend tagging if required so that charts created in the dashboard reflect the school's display activity more accurately. 

Admins can also delete a Board. This may be needed for many reasons e.g. the person has left the school, their boards are now in 'archived' status and perhaps a clear up is needed.

Delete and Edit are both found in the app via the 3 dots menu by every board title.

To edit a board that has been published

1. To edit,  tap the 3 dots next to the board title and select Edit (see screenshot below)    

2. Edit the Boards Name and the change is immediately applied.  Tap the back arrow to see the immediate update.


If 'Delete' is selected by mistake you will get the chance to cancel.

If a board is deleted after confirmation it cannot be recovered.