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In the DashBoard, the 'Browse All Boards' lets you see different views of the Boards created in school by all users. You can't edit any boards from the DashBoard and must use the app for any edits.

Two quick filtering features are provided to help you find Boards by tag.

  • the Match Any/All filter
  • the Tags icon filter

When these features are NOT selected they are WHITE in colour as shown below.

When they ARE selected they are YELLOW in colour as shown below.

Is your screen empty with no boards visible?

First of all, don't worry. If your 'Match Any/All filter' currently displays 'Match All' then the DashBoard is simply showing you that there are no boards that match ALL of the tags selected by the Tag filter which is also yellow. For example, ks1 yr2 mathematics may be selected and there may not be any boards that contain ALL 3 tags. Read below to see how to remedy this.

Get all your boards back in view

To broaden your filtered Boards view, click 'Match All' to make it display 'Match Any'.

Click the yellow Tag Filter icon to de-select whatever tags have been applied.

You will now be able to see all your Boards listed in the DashBoard.