Getting an app published involves the student user and the class teacher .

Blippit IO Apps are not sent to the Apple or Google app stores.  They are published to Planet Blippit unless your are in a UAE public school.

Here is what happens.

1. Student makes app and presses the green Publish button to send it off for review to the teacher.

2. The teacher Previews the project via the App Admin area
The teacher goes to the 'Pending Apps' tab to preview the apps by clicking the phone icon button.

3.  The teacher chooses to, in this case, 'Accept' the app.

The Admin clicks the 'tick' button, then adds a personal message for the student that will appear in the student's inbox on the right of their screen.

If the teacher clicks the 'X' button and declines the app, it is returned to the student in Edit mode again and the feedback message appears for the student in their inbox.

4. Student gets a positive reply & their app gets published

The message is received (right hand panel) and the student can reply to the teacher directly if needed via their Inbox.

The student also sees a new 'Published App' menu in their App Maker panel where they can select and view their new app.


The student can reply to the Teacher feedback

The reply is displayed in both teacher's & student's inbox when sent.

5. The Blippit IO Administrator gets student reply

This appears in the Administrator's Inbox. If you spot issues after publishing just click the Suspend/Hide icon to pull it down immediately and return the app to Edit mode. Message the student to tell them.

6. Student goes to see their app on Planet Blippit

It can take up to 10 mins for apps to fully 'bake' and be live on Planet Blippit.

UAE Students can get their QR Code straight away by clicking the icon shown below.

6. Here's the app