Note for Office 365 or Google Sign-on authentication schools
Your usernames & passwords are not managed by Blippit. These are managed by school in Office 365 (see this article) or Google Apps for Education (see this article).
  You can still update Group membership and Admin rights even if you're using Office 365 or Google.

One by One

Click Path 

User Control Panel –> User Admin –> New User Creation tab –> Create New User


You can be super organised if you like by adding a user into a Group right at the very start. At the bottom of the form you can choose an existing group from the drop down menu or just type in your own new group. 

The email address entry must be a real one. If the user has an address of their own it will be used for their 'forgotten password' reset requests. If the email you add is say, a generic school email address, then password reset requests will need to be handled manually by the administrator.