Note for Office 365 or Google Sign-on authentication schools
Your usernames & passwords are not managed by Blippit. These are managed by school in Office 365 (see this article) or Google Apps for Education (see this article).  You can still update Group membership and Admin rights even if you're using Office 365 or Google.

Bulk Creation

Click Path

User Control Panel–> User Admin –> Bulk User Creation

  • Create users in bulk by uploading a CSV file (attached to this article)
  • Follow the instructions in the PDF to do this  (attached to this article)

A username has to be unique just like an email address on Office 365 or Gmail does.
  • It's recommended that email addresses make good usernames as they are unique.
  • If these are not an option then, just as with Office 365, Google or any other system, go for the most relevant username to each student user. 
  • Blippit will confirm on screen which accounts are going to be created & which are not due to duplication. 
  • The easiest solution for accounts not created because of duplication is to resubmit those usernames which are flagged and add a numerical value before or after.  Then re-submit the CSV.

Email Addresses
When accounts are made you give them an email address as shown in the CSV.
  • Administrator accounts must have a unique email address assigned to them.
  • Do not give student users the same email address as the Administrator otherwise the Administrator will not be able to use the Forgot My Password link if needed (neither will the children).
  • Students ideally need their own unique email address so that they can use the Forgot Password link if needed.

Groups - get organised
You can set up student user Groups to help with user organisation.
Groups can be set at up at any time.

Students can be moved into pre-existing Groups or new Groups at any time.

Having difficulties?
Occasionally Blippit may tell you that the CSV is not a valid CSV file.
If this happens here are some things to check
  • The CSV must match the format shown in the PDF instructions precisely and that includes upper/lower case headers
  • If using Excel, make sure all cells are formatted as 'Plain Text'
  • If using Excel create the CSV by selecting the option to 'Save As' and select CSV

Spaces in email addresses will stop account creation
It's not difficult to accidentally leave a 'space' in an email address.  If one is detected Blippit will tell you the data has been submitted but then nothing else will happen.  You won't see a list of accounts that have been made or accounts that won't because they already exist.  In this scenario, double check your data for erroneous spaces within email address fields.

Creating a self-registration signup page - an option for emergencies only
You won't want to use this option for younger users as type-errors are very likely as users will be in charge of creating their own usernames and passwords.  This is a 'get out of jail' option if, for example, you find yourself facing a session that's sprung on you when you have no users set up.

If you can't get your file to be accepted, create a support ticket and attached the file you're working with and we will help you!