Note for Office 365 or Google Sign-on authentication schools
Your usernames & passwords are not managed by Blippit. These are managed by school in Office 365 (see this article) or Google Apps for Education (see this article).  You can still update Group membership and Admin rights even if you're using Office 365 or Google.

One by One User Group Membership

Also see video: Group membership and Admin rights.

Click Path 

Subscriber Control –> User Admin –> Manage Users


You can manage users one-at-a-time when you're creating their accounts or after you've set them up at any time.

Add to a Group

Add a user to a pre-existing user group.  Just type in the name of that group accurately into their account creation form.

Add to a New Group
Simply type in the name of the new group in the Create new User Group field before you click Create User.
You can change groups afterwards if you don't want to assign to a group at the start.