Note for Office 365 or Google Sign-on authentication schools
Your usernames & passwords are not managed by Blippit. These are managed by school in Office 365 (see this article) or Google Apps for Education (see this article).  You can still update Group membership and Admin rights even if you're using Office 365 or Google.

Bulk Management

Are you looking to Bulk Create your users?  Also see this article

Click Path 

Subscriber Control –> User Admin –> Manage Users


Assuming you have Groups in place, type the name of a Group in the Search box to immediately filter down to see just that group. Now select users as required and carry out Bulk User Actions such as
  1. suspend user accounts with immediate effect
  2. activate user accounts that were previously suspended
  3. force selected user accounts to have to reset their password when they next log in
  4. delete selected users
  5. download selected users as a CSV file to your computer as a class list register resource
  6. move users to a brand new Group or to an existing User Group