Administrator Management

This article applies whether you are using Office 365 or Google Apps for Education authentication or not.  It does not apply to RM Unify users.


Click Path 

User Control Panel -> Manage Users –> Tick the option under the 'Admin' column for whoever you need to be an Administrator

When you first get your Blippit account, we send you an email with the first School Blippit Admin details.

After this point, Teachers who need to become Administrators, will need to have their accounts manually upgraded from 'User' to 'Admin' status by the holder of the original Admin Account details.


Never share Administrator Access details however tempting with others.
Sharing Admin Access is a breach of our User Terms and Conditions and may result in the school account being suspended without warning until resolved.

Why is it so important never to share?
Administrator Accounts enable people to create/delete accounts and apps, publish and suspend apps/users, reset passwords and more.

Please DO NOT share your details or enable non-staff be able to Administrate.