The Blippit App Maker has 2 main styles available to apply to your app.

  • iOS (Apple) & Android.
  • Each style gives you different options for your app icons, colours and navigation.
  • You can change between themes at any point.

  1. Click the icon you see below at any time.

  2. Choose either iOS or Android.  Your app will work on any mobile device but will take on the appearance of your preferred mobile platform choice

  3. Click the tab labelled 'App Icon & Colours' to be able to upload your own custom app icon and make improvements to your app's look and feel. 

  4. After clicking Save 'live preview' the changes you have made.
    The first image shows the Android style app with icons used in header navigation.  The second image shows the app icon and side navigation.


  5. Add or Edit a widget now to see the 'Advanced' tab. You can add icons, change colours and more in here.

  6. Choose an icon for your button and a colour for that icon.  Change this anytime.

  7. Click Preview to see the choices you have made on your app. Change these at any time.